Our school

We provide a safe and uplifting space for underprivileged children to learn music and arts, gain confidence and unleash creativity.



Empowering underprivileged children through music and arts education

Opened in 2013, the Paintbrush school occupies a modest five-story shophouse building in the heart of “70 Rai,” one of the largest and most centrally located slum areas in Khlong Toey.

This is a safe, positive space where children can let their creativity flourish while they make positive connections with others, dream big, have fun, and set out on the wonderful journey of music and arts.

The school is currently open five days a week, on weekday evenings and weekend afternoons. Ranging from very young to teenage, roughly 70 kids attend the weekly lessons.


What We Teach

Western music

Our instructors teach guitar, ukulele, keyboard, vocals, bass and drums twice a week, on Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Students learn in small groups and get to rehearse regularly as a band.

thai classical music

Every Friday evening, our students learn to play Thai classical music as an ensemble. We are proud to see them keep their culture alive and try to  encourage them to integrate traditional instruments in modern music.

visual arts

Our arts lessons are held every Sunday afternoon and include drawing, painting, pottery, collage, and various crafts. Younger students get to discover art through play while the older ones learn techniques and develop their skills.


Learning English can be really fun when it is done through games, songs, cooking lessons and so many fun activities! Every Wednesday evening, our students practice speaking and listening with a team of Thai and foreign teachers.


Workshops and events

In addition to regular lessons, the school plays host to various art workshops (dance, drama, photography…), birthday parties, shared meals, meetings and video conferencing calls with other PFCF-associated schools from around the world. Being in touch — and even singing along — with other kids in Asia and Africa strengthens cross-cultural awareness on both sides, and it’s a lot of fun!

The students also get the opportunity to regularly showcase their talents through diverse public events. From busking to art festivals, exhibitions, concerts or TV shows, performing allows children to gain confidence in their skills and in themselves, and to open their mind to a world of possibilities..

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Student Counselling Program

Because all children deserve equal chances in life, we started a student counselling program, in which our older kids spend time with a dedicated staff to figure out what they might want to do in the future. Besides showing the kids a world of possibilities that they might never have envisioned, our student counsellor also supports them in finding the right schools, discussing with their families, and helps them throughout the application process, from administrative handling to finding the necessary financial support. If you wish to donate to this specific program and create real-life opportunities for these children, please send us a message.

'Music is my happiness.'

– Benz, student